Career and Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working or volunteering for the Seattle Municipal Court. Qualified applicants should complete a NEOGOV online application, answer supplemental questions, provide a PDF cover letter describing why they want the position and work for Seattle Municipal Court, and a PDF resume. 


Probation Counselor 1

SMC is hiring a Probation Counselor 1 (PC1) to work as a key member of our Programs and Services team performing out-of-custody and/or in-custody probationary services for individuals who have been sentenced by the Municipal Court. This position will monitor a caseload of probationers (offenses include Impaired Driving, Domestic Violence) and other misdemeanor offenses using an automated case management system that records, documents, and audits Probation work. 

This recruitment is continuous. 

Court Marshal

SMC is seeking experienced law enforcement or correction officers to join the court's specially commissioned Marshal team responsible for all aspects of security and creating a safe environment for defendants, the public, and court employees. 

This recruitment is continuous. 

For the latest job postings, visit the City of Seattle's Career Center or for volunteer opportunities, learn more here Volunteer Opportunities.


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Who We Are

As the judicial branch of the City of Seattle government, Seattle Municipal Court is committed to excellence in providing fair, accessible and timely service and fostering a welcoming environment for our staff and the public we serve.

Seattle Municipal Court is a fast-paced, mission-driven organization that is proud to be an innovator and system leader in criminal justice. Seattle Municipal Court processes more cases than any other municipal court in the State of Washington and has jurisdiction over misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses, as well as infractions including traffic and parking tickets.

Why Work Here

Working at Seattle Municipal Court allows you to make a difference in your community. Whether they're helping a customer with a ticket payment over the phone, meeting with a probation client, or welcoming a jury pool, SMC employees have the ability to make a huge impact for the people we serve. 

Learn about working at Seattle Municipal Court and read reviews from employees on Glassdoor. 

Race and Social Justice

The Seattle Municipal Court is committed to fighting institutionalized racism and inequity across protected classes. This means not only addressing impacts to members of the public involved in the criminal justice system, but also centering equity and diversity in our workplace and hiring practices.

At the Seattle Municipal Court, we know that our diverse workforce makes our teams stronger and improves our ability to serve the public. We strive to create an inclusive workplace where all backgrounds and identities are celebrated. In our hiring and recruiting, Seattle Municipal Court prioritizes having diverse interview panels and thinks holistically about the unique skills and perspectives that candidates can bring to our organization.

Employees have the opportunity to get involved in the Race and Social Justice Change Team, a group of court employees who meet regularly with the mission to "inspire action by facilitating personal, structural and a systemic change in our environment." The Change Team is dedicated to achieving equity in the court and in the community.  


The Seattle Municipal Court offers a wide-ranging set of benefits including medical, vision and dental coverage for employees and their families; retirement plans; free unlimited ORCA card; competitive vacation and leave policies; and a work-life balance that makes room for you and your family's needs. You can learn more about the benefits we offer on the City of Seattle's website

To apply

To view and apply for our openings, visit the City of Seattle's job opportunities page or visit our profile on Glassdoor.

What to expect in an interview

Generally, interviews with the court are conducted online via Microsoft Teams and will include time to preview some of the interview questions, possible testing (such as a written exercise), followed by an interview with a hiring panel.

For example, an interview might be broken down like so: 

  • Possible written exercise (20 minutes)

  • Preview the interview questions (30 minutes)

  • Interview with a three to four-person panel (45 minutes)

Candidates may use their notes from the question preview during the panel interview, as well as any preparatory materials they choose.

Preparing for your interview

Many of our interview questions ask about how you have handled a situation in the past. We suggest you use the STAR method in answering these questions: 

S/T - Situation or Task
- Actions
- Results

STAR answers are about your significant accomplishments: that is, times that you saw an opportunity, dealt with a complex problem, met a challenge, and achieved some significant positive outcome. They are not about how you did your job well on a regular basis, won an award, or went back to school. The results should be measurable. Come up with 3-6 STAR answers so that you are prepared to share as appropriate.

Tips for success

Prepare for the interview

  • Do your research and talk to people with experience - have a clear understanding of the job before you apply
  • Work on your application and include impact statements
  • Use the job posting qualifications and desired experience as your guide for what to emphasize when listing your work experience and accomplishments

Before the interview

  • Plan to be early

  • Make sure your technology is working:

    • Download MS Teams and check that your microphone and camera are working properly

    • Notify your recruiter right away if you are having technical difficulties

  • Dress professionally

During the interview

  • Take your time and breathe

  • Use your notes, but don’t read them - the interview should be conversational.

  • It's okay to say, "I'd like to take a moment to organize my thoughts" and then jot down notes to help you stay on track

  • If you don't like one of your answers, ask if you can make a closing statement, then cover the additional points at the end

  • Bring your positive energy and show the panel you are excited about the position 

After the interview

We ask candidates for references at the time we schedule the second round of  interviews in order to speed up the hiring process. Please complete the forms we send you prior to your interview.

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