Seattle Municipal Court Judges

The Seattle Municipal Court's judges are elected to judicial departments for a four-year term. 

Seattle Municipal Court Judges

Standing, Left to Right:

Honorable Willie Gregory, Honorable Anita Crawford-Willis, Presiding Judge Faye R. Chess, Honorable Damon Shadid, Honorable Andrea Chin, Honorable Catherine McDowall, Honorable Pooja Vaddadi

Judges' Role and Responsibilities

The majority of the Seattle Municipal Court Judges' time is dedicated to jury trials and pretrial hearings. They also hear sentencings, arraignments, reviews, non-jury (bench) trials and can perform Marriage Ceremonies.

Presiding Judge

Every other year, the judges select one judge to act as the Presiding Judge for a two-year term. Honorable Faye Chess is currently serving as Presiding Judge.

The Presiding Judge's responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the Magistrates
  • Lead the management and administration of the court's business
  • Recommend policies and procedures that improve the court's effectiveness
  • Allocate resources that maximize the court's ability to resolve disputes fairly and expeditiously
  • Determine judicial assignments

Current Judicial Assignments (effective January 9, 2023)

Honorable Faye Chess, Presiding Judge
Honorable Andrea Chin, Assistant Presiding Judge

Courtroom 901: Dark
Courtroom 902: Hon. Pooja Vaddadi, General Trial
Courtroom 903: Hon. Damon ShadidGeneral Trial
Courtroom 1001: Hon. Willie Gregory, General Trial
Courtroom 1002: Hon. Anita Crawford-Willis, Community Court, Mental Health Court
Courtroom 1003: Hon. Andrea Chin, Domestic Violence 
Courtroom 1101: Hon. Catherine McDowall, General Trial
Courtroom 1102: Rotating Judge, Out of Custody Arraignments
Courtroom 1103: Hon. Faye Chess, Master Calendar, Veterans Treatment 
Courtroom KCJ2: Rotating Judge - In-custody Arraignments

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